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A Note From Race Inc.

A Note From Race Inc.


Hey Everyone, 

It seems a lot of you really, really want to know what’s up here at Race Inc. Some of you want to know so badly, you’ve taken to making up scenarios and posting your speculation on social media.

We apologize for not posting much news. But the truth is, we don't have a lot of news to tell. Still, we’d like to clarify a few things for you.

Since American BMX Company (ABC), bought Race Inc. from Chris Hancock in June, we have been super busy completely revamping the product line and the company structure. Despite some of the speculation posted here, Race Inc., is not a hobby for the new owner. In fact, we think you’ll agree, we’re far more serious about growing the company than anyone has been since it was founded some 45 years ago.

We mean no offense to founder Bill Bastian and previous owner Chris Hancock. Both of whom did stellar work. And no disrespect to all those who came before us who created the sport of BMX on shoestring budgets and with a combination of will and passion. But we don’t intend to be another BMX company operating out of a garage or in the back corner of a machine shop. We have big plans. And big plans take time.

On the product side of things, for example, ABC is developing some 40 new Race Inc. bike models and sizes. We also are working on new Race Inc. frames, forks and handlebars, plus a new line of Bottema forks. In addition, ABC is working on a line of components to be sold under another brand name we can’t reveal just yet.

 Building Bikes in the Time of COVID-19

We started working on a new race frame design way back in November 2019—before we had a signed deal to take over the brand name. At the time, we expected to have frames and bikes for sale by now. It would have been challenging, but totally doable.

Unfortunately, as we were planning our first trip to Taiwan to meet with vendors and factories in March, COVID-19 hit. We kept our options open for a while, but when the Taipei Cycle Show (The place where start-up companies like ours can shop for vendors.) was cancelled and then Taiwan closed its doors to visitors, we were forced to launch our new vision for Race Inc. remotely.

Developing a product line under normal conditions—on the ground in Taiwan and meeting with your vendors face-to-face—is always challenging. Creating a totally new line, or, as in our case, launching a new company via Zoom with people in Quebec, California, Taichung and Shenzhen is basically the worst-case-scenario.

We’re confronting this difficult situation head-on and we’re moving forward, but still it’s moving waaaay too slow.

Since March, we’ve talked to dozens of tubing, frame and component vendors, taken virtual factory tours, interviewed factory managers, collected dozens of catalogs and sent thousands of emails.

We’ve designed and redesigned logos, applied for trademarks, designed and redesigned jerseys, pants and T-shirt graphics. We’ve created dozens of spec sheets, renderings, 2D drawings and 3D models of bikes, frames, forks and components. We’ve studied color trends, market opportunities, international and domestic manufacturing options and delivery schedules. 

We’ve gone from a staff of two, to four and soon seven. Employees are a serious investment and proof that this is more than a hobby.

We work on this every day. And believe me, we are far more anxious to see new Race Inc. products on the market than anyone else.

Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.


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