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The Legacy of Race Inc. Lives on With a New Owner

The Legacy of Race Inc. Lives on With a New Owner


American BMX Company (ABC), is excited to announce the acquisition of Race Inc. Quality BMX Products, from Chris Hancock. ABC will relaunch the brand with an eye on pushing the limits of BMX innovation and design.

ABC, based in Montreal, is owned by Marc Côté, a businessman and entrepreneur with a background in robotic engineering, film and television VFX. Like many BMX company owners dating back to the sport’s beginning, Côté is the parent of kids who race BMX. He also raced in the 1980s, coincidentally, on a Race Inc. RA-7, which he still has. 

“Life takes us all on a ride.  But life’s many obligations can pull us away from our roots. My roots are in BMX.  As a father, I had the pleasure of watching my boys riding, jumping and racing BMX bikes. Watching them ride, my own past came back to me,” Côté said.

“Being around BMX again reignited my passion and, more important, reminded me that my 10 years in BMX gave me more than fun. BMX fostered in me things I have carried into every aspect of my life—my desire to go faster, to endure pain and to win. In a sense, it gave me the joy of achieving what I thought was impossible.  I want that for my kids. I want that for other children. I want to share that passion,” he added.

Chris Hancock incorporated Race Inc. Quality BMX Products in Indiana and trademarked the name in 2015. He sold a mix of retro and modern BMX frames and a variety of soft goods, sponsored several racers and reconnected former factory riders to the brand. 

“For the last five years, Race Inc.—our current team and past team members and all of those who have supported us—has been my passion. I am proud of the role we played in reintroducing Race Inc. to a new generation of riders while not forgetting about the past. I’m enthusiastic about Race Inc.’s future and look forward to remaining a supporter of the brand and continuing to support the growth of BMX,” Hancock said. 

Helping with the rebranding and relaunch of Race Inc., is Michael Gamstetter, the company’s brand manager. Gamstetter helped start Box Components with Toby Henderson in 2012, where he also led product design and development and marketing.  His expertise also extended to work with DK Bikes, Intense BMX and Speed, now Speedco. 

Race Inc. is developing a new innovative frame to be used on a range of bikes to be sold consumer-direct online.  Box components will be used exclusively across the bike line.

“We’re excited to be working with Race Inc. Their new frames will be built around the oversize concepts we developed at Box and will be some of the most innovative out there. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they come up with,” said Toby Henderson, Box Components’ president. 

Côté will use his expertise in robotic engineering, digital graphics and gaming design to develop an interactive experience for the consumer. The Race Inc. B2C website will feature gaming-style, fully customizable 3D bikes with Box components that will allow buyers to build the bike of their dreams.

In addition, Côté has plans to work with USA BMX to help grow BMX participation in North America. 

“After multiple discussions with the USA BMX staff and owner B.A. Anderson, we will create different projects to help grow the sport here and throughout the world. I cried when BMX racing was introduced at the Olympic. It’s time to combine our efforts to elevate the sport even further,” Côté said.  

Race Inc. plans to unveil new frames at the USA BMX Grand Nationals in Tulsa this November and will put together a professional Factory Team for 2021.


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